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Professional Development for Athletic Directors is essential to assist with gaining the knowledge and understanding required to be successful in leading the school's athletic and activities programs. Professional Development Courses will assist Athletic Director's with becoming more knowledgeable about essential parts of their position.

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The art of coaching is ever changing. Coaches that do not keep up with their professional development will fall behind the competitive and humanistic curve of working with today's youth. Courses offered by CoachesCC will assist coaches with staying up with information required to work with athletes and grow professionally.

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NCAA Eligibility

Student athletes that intend you play Division I or II athletics are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. This can be a daunting task if you have never had experience dealing with the NCAA. Coaches Connection and Consulting has develop an interactive process that can assist with navigating your way through the NCAA. This tool can assist both parents and athletes.


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If you are looking for individual coaching to help develop your coaching skills, you can schedule time with Coaches CC to assist in this process. Your coaching can be customized for you depending on your requests.

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To facilitate learners that inspire to learning visually or by utilizing their listening skills, webinars and teleconferences are the way to go! Webinars and Teleconferences are informative and will offer great tips, ideas and opportunities for you to improve your coaching and administrative skills.

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The opportunity to collaborate, motivate, share ideas and acquire information is a great way to learn. As a speaker the use of personal experiences, thought provoking commentary and research based information will assist with the learning process. You will walk away with new ideas and strategies that are ready to put into action.

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Professional Development is essential for personal growth and development. Online courses offer a "learn at your own speed" process that give you the luxury of doing course work where you want and when you want. Courses are comprehensive, challenging and will offer new insight into your knowledge base.

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Coaches CC offers professional developed seminars or meetings at your site. PD can be customized to your needs. Sessions can be as short or long as your time will permit.

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Dan Lliteras - Coaches Connection

Dan Lliteras has been involved with sports education for over 20 years. His resume includes coaching, teaching, coaching administration as well as coaching development. His passion continues to be the betterment of the profession through professional development for coaches and athletic directors. His life's experiences, training and ability to move coaches and AD to the next level is what sets him apart from others..
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