Coaches Connection and Consulting

Welcome to Coaches Connection and Consulting. My name is Dan Lliteras and I am passionate about developing coaches and athletic directors.  I have been honored to work and take part in areas that are truly my passion including;

  • Athlete (Multi-Sport Athlete)
  • Coach - (Head and Assistant)
  • Athletic Director
  • Youth Basketball Program Director
  • Professional Educator/Instructor

I also have spent nearly 20 years working in Corporate America in various roles including;

  • Sales/Sales Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Channel Marketing Manager

You will find as you navigate through this site that is is heavileiy focused on the following categories.

  • Professional Development for Coaches
  • Professional Development for Athletic Directors
  • Education for Parents and Athletes on important topics and issues
  • Wisdom Leadership Education

To say the least my experiences, successes and failures have helped me to establish and develop Coaches CC. I am excited to work with you as a coach, athletic director, parent or athlete to further your professional development and/or knowledge in pursuit of deepening your knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of athletics.

I truly believe that the day we stop learning, we stop living. I am convinced that each of us can learn something new each and every day through our experiences and opportunities. Coaches, Athletic Directors this site will assist you with further developing your skills, techniques and strategies (outside of the X's and O's) in your coaching and administrative duties. I challenge you to become the best coach/AD that you can be.  The opportunities presented through this website will help you get there. Please take time to evaluate where you are at as a coach or athletic director and begin to explore avenues where you can grow. Make a commitment to improve each and everyday with the intent to reach our ultimate goal. Always remember...its not one big thing but a thousand little things that separate success from failure.

Wishing you the best in success.



Personal Resume

Coaching Basketball 20 plus years Football 2 years Track 2 years Strength Coordinator 8 years Teacher/Instructor 10 years Athletic Director 7 years Corporate Sales/Marketing 20 years Business Owner 6 years


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